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Month: March 2021

My AtoZ blogging challenge reveal 2021 #AtoZChallenge

I take part in the Blogging from AtoZ Challenge every year. I have several of them that I’m taking part in this year, but the main one, the A to Z of me will introduce a lot of the things that are important to me.Unlike other times I’ve done this challenge, I’m thinking about whether to do short (letter is for) posts as seperate, small entries, or having an overall post and breaking out into it in more detail in the next few weeks and months.Any days that I can’t find something to talk about, I’ll either do a poem,…


Headsup – we merged

Many of you may be coming over from various sites, so I thought I’d mention that we’ve merged a couple of blogs. The reason for it is pretty simple – there’s no reason to keep my stuff apart when it all links up, so I’ve made it easier on myself and just ‘flattened’ everything.If you’re hitting a blog address that used to be a blog and you’re seeing this notice, the posts will be in the archive, but going forward, it’ll be the part of this blog. The why…. There’s a bit of a different why to this too –…

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