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Schedules and other erratta

Schedules and other erratta

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So I’ve got a rudimentary schedule for the blog – Monday ‘me’ day – which is information mostly about me. Monday also covers ‘mental health’.
Tuesday ‘tech days’ – I’m going to talk ‘WordPress’, tech (as in iPhone, iPad, laptops, desktops), Wednesday ‘writers’ days, where I talk writing in it’s myriad formats. Thursday I’m going to talk language – I’m a forensic lingustics nut.
Friday is my ‘free’ day, so it might be photog, or something else, and Saturday and Sunday I’m going to talk about gaming and hobbies of all types – tabletop, roleplaying, MMORPGs, indie (classics), old skool…the works. My hobbies include knitting and sewing, so I’m going to explore that too.
January, that means every day there’s going to be something there.  After that, who knows 😉

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Niche Language – Introduction

Niche Language – Introduction

Niche language is one of those things that can encompass just about every area of written and verbal communication, so I thought I’d choose a key set of areas to look and run with them.  Our key areas here are ‘niche language’, ‘unique language and tags’, and ‘sociolinguistics’. Sociolinguistics is the hardest of the three More >