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Month: April 2013

C is for….

I bet everyone can tell what this post is going to be about. Yep. Cats! I love my cats. We recently lost my adorable girl, so after we got everything cleaned (she had a permanent URI) and grieved, we adopted the girls. The grey girl in the photos is Haley, the little mountaineer, Eiryss. Both are nine months old – Haley’s fairly placid, Eiryss quite skittish, but they’re settling in really well.


B is for…

Well…B is for a lot of things actually.  I’ll be doing ‘B is for Books’ over at AlexandriaPublishingGroup later today, but for now I wanted to touch on the books, and some other stuff that B is for. In our house, B is for something we just can’t have yet.  Not because we can’t afford it, or because we don’t want one – in fact, as long as I remain fairly successful as a freelancer, money really isn’t a problem, neither will be taking maternity leave. And there, with that one word, you’ll know that I’m talking about babies.  I’ll be doing…

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The Blogging A to Z – a is for Allonsy

So.  I signed up for the ‘Blogging A-Z‘ project, and though I thought that I’d be doing something else by now, I thought I’d go with this idea. A is for Allonsy. I think I’m really showing the geek streak for this first one.  Allon-sy is what the 10th Doctor (Dr Who)  said when he ran off to do stuff.  And of all the Doctors, David Tennant was my favorite of the most recent ones. It’s not the reason a lot of people think of. Dr Who was something I loved growing up – like many other geeky kids, I…

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