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Back again….

Back again….


I’ve spent the last few months trying to find my way, and sort out everything, and as ever, because November is Nanowrimo, I’ve discovered that it’s most important to me that I keep writing. So, I’m planning to change a lot of stuff around and work on everything so that I can get to a place where I’m doing everything I’m happy with. Uni is pretty much under control, so I’ll be planning the rest of it, as I can. I’ve also discovered a love for bullet journalling, so I’ve incorporated that too.

I’ll be blogging more once I import everything that belongs here – I’ll be converting everything and moving it back to here – Author Interrupted is staying as my author specific blog, but everything else is coming back onto here. Mostly so I’ve got specific places to post to 🙂

So…how’s everyone doing? Anyone got any big news?