The blog of D Kai Wilson-Viola

Author, advocate, designer, mental health advocate and parent. 

Kai’s bibliography

My Library is fairly complicated.  Depending on where you look, you may find my writing as ghostwritten works, or beyond.

D Kai  Wilson

Changes (Nano novel 2009)
12 Days of Rain (poetry)
Pictures in the Dark
Unannounced linguistic project.

Sabrann Curach

Footnotes to a Lesson – ‘a thinking man’s zombie story’ – Dead Worlds, Undead Stories (2009) (UK) (US)

D Kai Wilson-Viola

Darkness Universe

Glass Block (Nano 2003 and 2009)
The Deadly Series
WishTheif Series
Selfsakes Series

Kai Viola

Crazy in Love
Doing it Over
Values (Nanowrimo 2009)

Britanny Harkness

Fayth C Reeves (adult)

Other publications

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