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Blogging from AtoZ 2021 challenges

My blogs that I’m running my the AtoZ challenges this year. I’m sharing any of the announcements and will continue to do so as I set up more.

Here! (Kai’s blog!) – the AtoZ of Me. It’ll go last, as it’ll link to the day’s posts from other blogs.
Bi-polarbears – the AtoZ of mental health – going to go with positive stuff, but important stuff too.
These Our Fandoms – tba – my business partner and I are sorting that out!
Bykai /Wattpad – A tarot collection of stories, featuring my Elemental Power Tarot – one card for each day, to inform the story 🙂
BooksbyKai – The AtoZ of my Books 🙂

About the Blogging A to Z Challenge

Every year, in April, we take part in a six day a week posting schedule to write 26 posts, to write a post a day, one per letter of the alphabet.
You can sign up yourself March 8th-20th (I think!) on the blog linked in the banner below. If you do, let me know, I’ll come comment and follow and please, watch any of mine that might be of interest to you.

#AtoZChallenge 2021 banner

Oh… and if you get to the bottom of this page, there’s two other surprises. There’s my AtoZ of books, which I won’t be linking until next week, where I share the titles of 26 books, collections or content, and we’re doing a prize draw. Giving away everything from android tablets and Kindles to cases, artwork, photos, and more!