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Making it easier on myself

Making it easier on myself

D Kai Wilson-Viola, 2010


I’m infamous for biting off more than I can chew – it might be the Scottish in me, it might be the fiery red hair – even though in that picture of me I actually had black hair ;),  it might just be that I always feel I have to make up for *something*.  Goodness knows what, but I’m highly competitive with myself mostly.  What I do know is that for about two months now I’ve had this growing list of things that I need to take care of – I was midway through designing my hosting site when Christmas pounced in my house, I’m trying to do the fly lady project, make over my son’s room, and lots of other things – I’ve always been a bit ‘butterfly’ in my approach to stuff, but I’ve definitively gotten worse since I fell and banged my head a few years ago.

So, I’m making it easier on myself.

First rule got instituted this weekend with the arrival of a really nice case for my iPad – with a keyboard.  Night times are for writing/editing/fiction – so no more laptop unless I’m on a tight deadline.  Or if I want to veg, I can.  I don’t veg nearly enough, and I’m beginning to think it shows.  Right now, I’m using the opportunity to get my blogging schedule back on track and plan as much of the next few weeks, which leads me to…..

I’ve got a list in word, called ‘the never ending todo list’.  It’s now six pages long, but I’m not going to panic if I can’t get it done straight away.  Instead, once a week, I’m going to print it, stick it on my clipboard and mark it off as I go.  At the end of the week, I’m going to move what I managed to the ‘always growing accomplished list’ along with a record of my word counts and edits and everything else I do so I’ve got a work diary of sorts, plus I can see how my work ebbs and flows for one of the projects I keep putting off.

In other news, Phillip Pullman, one of the writers I grew up reading, and greatly admire, just about sums up how I feel about the INSANE government cuts to libraries.  In Gloucestershire, where we live, we’re losing 11 libraries – I don’t talk politics very often (because of readership + neutrality, to a point) but this is just mad.

Now, wish me luck, for I head out to the doctors to find out what in the merry heck is wrong with my poor arm – I suspect I’m going to be told that something has gotten into my vein, but that doesn’t explain the ominous bruise on the other hand…..sigh.

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