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The two pink lines we didn’t want… #mondayblogs #rungirlrun

Just a quick one this week, as I have had a positive LFT for covid this morning. What this means in all practical terms is I’m more grateful than ever for my vaccines and, in part due to something my partner said this week, I’ve pitched a book about two lines. As in…tests like that. The only others I’ve really encountered were pregnancy ones, and two lines often meant good news. And it hit home this morning. I akways end up with books, but, for now, I have a very unwanted virus, I hope I remain out of hospital, and……

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There and back again

Image via Wikipedia So Monday morning, I went into hospital – and I’m home again now. For personal reasons I tend not to talk about my medical problems on the blog (I have a couple, some of them gender based, some of them because I’m just unlucky) but it’s a fair bet that if I’m going into hospital, I’m in more pain than I can cope with. There’s been an odd shift in the health community lately – and I’m not sure that I like it. Ir amazes me that doctors are perfectly willing to take input from sick people,…

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