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Overcoming…the fear

So, there’s a post up that’s caused a bit of back channel fuss on my blog called ‘the Fear‘.  If you haven’t read it already, and want the cliff notes, it’s about what happened to me in school as a child.  Contextually, it’s about bullying – it’s about self-image and why nothing that people can or could say will change my opinion of myself. There’s a but coming. ‘The Fear‘ Was meant to be an off the cuff post that turned into this massive angsty dump onto my blog, so to balance it off, here’s some other information. There’s no…

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The fear

When I was very small, I discovered first hand what people did to those that they considered different. I have vivid memories of being beaten right through primary school from the age of four, till I got to high school. Some of my worst beatings left me barely able to walk, or talk – I’d come away with black eyes, sore kidneys and worse. But worse than that, I’d be bullied daily and told I was worthless. There was no sense of ‘this is fine’ in our household about it – my mother would go in and tell the teachers…

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