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Five ideas almost anyone can use

Five ideas almost anyone can use

There are just some topics that anyone can use – no matter what the perspective.  So I thought I’d share them here and hopefully give you a jumpstart in your writing projects.

  1. Go seasonal – is there something that happens around *now* that ties into your blog?  If not, is there a holiday coming up that you can share with other people – whether it’s a tip or trick, or just how your family celebrate?  That makes a great post.
    BONUS – share it about a week in advance, then link back to it ‘on the day’ – you’ll have people who can use the tip during the run  up to the holiday or event and you can capitalise  on the traffic ‘on the day’.
  2. Look at your comments – has anyone asked a question lately?  Run with it.
  3. If your readers are small business based, consider providing a calendar of the important things that people have to do – and offer your tips.  For example, right now (January) it’s self assessment tax time – while, in December, most small businesses either find that business is incredibly slow or busy – tips are great to help people through this.
  4. Is there a theme you’ve seen in your favorite TV program that you could share or tie into your business?  How about in the news?  This ‘flash’ content is often not as evergreen as other content, but can be good to get some vital traffic boosts.
  5. Got an offer you want to run?  Make it interesting.  For example, I’m running a ‘guest blog with free tech support‘ project right now – you can get me to post on your blog, and if I do a run of articles, I’ll update your blog, your theme and your site – I won’t install anything new, but I’ll make your blog secure.  If you include it with an article, people are more likely to notice than it getting lost in the signal to noise on your Facebook/Twitter/in amongst posts.

See, simple!
Tomorrow, as a bonus, I’m going to share 10 topics that I’ve seen people request in the last 30 days on mailing lists, groups and other blogging sites, to give you actual ‘go to’ topics, with some title suggestions  if you’re *really* stuck.