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L is for Ludosport (where I am tonight!) #atozchallenge

This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series Blogging From AtoZ 2022

So, the first thing I really should say is that Thursday, ten months a year, is training evening, when we all go see our friends and train. I’ll also be talking about Se.Cu.Ri, which is a core principle of Ludosport, and matches a lot of my outlooks in life. Se.Cu.Ri is Servizio, Cura, Rispetto, or, put another way, Service, Care, Respect. Which leads me to the second point I love about Ludosport. We learn a LOT of it in Italian. That’s not to say you need to speak Italian to join in, but the terms are a solid part of…

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Blogging for A to Z theme announcement, 2022

This entry is part 1 of 10 in the series Blogging From AtoZ 2022

Every year, I try to take part in the Blogging from AToZ Challenge, so… this year, O’m delighted to announce I will be taking part, and, instead of committing to multiple sets of the challenge, on several blogs, I am instead, going to write all I can and link from here as a central hub. The theme is: ACCOMPLISHING YOUR DREAMS, AND THE DUALITY OF 22 I can say *a lot* about that theme, so I will. From books to recovery, duality and gender, there’s a lot to talk about. And I hope the extra posts in various places will…

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A 2021 retrospective…a bit late ;) #mondayblogs #yearinreview #lifetheuniverseandakitchensink

Hi there guys. Normally, doing these, I do really try to get them up either as we’re travelling home on the21st December, but as everyone saw, I posted something else instead. So, I’ll do the retrospective today, and tomorrow we’ll do the ‘coming in 2022’. I got nothing done… I think the first thing to acknowledge is that personal goals wise, I’m not further visibly forward, but I did a lot of…I guess it’s ‘behind the scenes’ work. I did have a quieter, calmer year in some ways. Supporting the kids, supporting my partner, and trying to plan for what…

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Trying, failing, trying again

After my last post, Is it Though?, I’ve been trying to… plot and plan and think through what to do next.I did mention that I punctuate the phrase ‘if at first you don’t succeed. Try. Try again’, and I got feedback from people asking what I meant by that. So. I thought I’d explain that.And maybe show off some new stuff at the end of the post 😉 If at first you don’t succeed. Try. Try again One of the things that my wonderful psych team (Dr C and MW, my psych nurse) who I was discharged from at the…

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On the road again…

Well, I’ve kinda posted about it over on BooksbyKai, but, as most people that read this blog know me pretty well (I think), I’m pretty sure everyone knows that this month (mid-May to sometime in June) is referred to as #Kaiatus. Bad pun, I know, but I’m the person that runs Kailarks, so I’m sorry, but only a little. Anyway, #Kaiatus. I take time off over May, in part because May is a pretty busy month. We start with our anniversary (well, the 29th April really, and that’s our handfasting), then we’re usually prepping to go to Games Day (The…

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This is grief

I always thought grief was this huge thing that hit you when you lost something or someone important to you.   It wasn’t about losing self.  It wasn’t about losing what you were.  But you know, I think that was a stupid thing to think.  I’m waaaaaay behind in my grief management just because I didn’t understand what I was feeling was grief. I guess most of the issue is I should have been feeling this way a long time ago.  I’ve ignored a lot of what I feel because I’ve always been told that what I think is partially…

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All the news that’s (mostly) fit to print

Things are slowly getting better, or at least, aren’t getting any worse.  We’re slowly coming to terms with the idea we need a bit of help extending our family, and I’ve embarked on a new daily exercise plan with the help of an app on my Kindle (I exercise for 20 – 30 mins every day – when the weather is a bit nicer, I’m also going to start running again), and I’m trying to control my intake of cola and stuff (which I think is the main reason I’m struggling with weight loss. I guess it doesn’t help when…

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The ‘brand reboot’ – aka taking my life back (personal perspective)

(this blog post goes with another on Author Interrupted called ‘the Brand Reboot – I am what I am’. You might wanna read this one before reading that one though ;)) I’ve been pretty much at a dead stop since…well, before Kushie died, but since the beginning of the year.  And I know why – finally facing the fact that we’re probably dealing with secondary infertility, when previously, getting pregnant and having kids was one of the few things I had on my ‘I’m good at this list’ was really tough.  I’ve had to process a lot of anger –…

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Back in the saddle

I dunno, lately I’ve really felt like doing absolutely nothing (probably evident from the gap in the blog posts huh?) Being as outspoken as I am kinda has a lot of drawbacks. I say kinda, because one, I wouldn’t change it for the world, and two, even if I do get kicked into next week occasionally for the stuff that I say, it doesn’t change the idea of saying it. But I woke up this morning actually wanting to write a blog.  Multiple blogs. I’ve got a pile to finish up for places like After the Novel and my blog at Book

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New site, snoopy dance

Yeah, ok. I took a bit of a break from blogging when I looked around and realized I needed to write 12 blogs, five days a week, just to keep my own stuff updated, let alone the copywriting I was doing for clients. So, I took a break – and that break turned from three weeks to three months, to a year plus.  I’m just getting back into it now, but… So.  I’m back. Eventually, this site will merge with – right now in fact, this site contains all of it’s posts + a couple of new ones, and is the…

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Free books for you to peruse

A new feature of these blogs, I thought I’d share collections of free books for you to peruse. This week, I’m starting with our collective, with links to the site where you can check out everyone. So…Introducing my inaugural book recommendations. We’ve got several books available this weekend, and we’d love it if you could come on over and download them. Nike’s Wings by Valerie Douglas “adventure, political intrigue, espionage and betrayal at the highest levels…” Nike’s Wings By Valerie Douglas, you can read more about it on our site, here.    The Devil’s Diary by Paul Kater Follow…

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