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I’m beginning to start importing some of the stuff that I’ve had on other sites, so the archives will kinda start filling out. is now merged onto here, so if you were looking for posts from there, the links should work again 🙂

Other than that, there’s a bit of reorganisation going on – I’ve got books to write, and lesson plans to fix and a whole pile of other stuff to take care of.  So, I should be back with my big, ten year as a professional writer project very soon!


Well, that wasn’t quite what I had in mind

I know I said I wanted to simplify my life, but this wasn’t quite what I had in mind…..

First up though – good news.

My dissertation was handed in on Thursday.  I’m so excited that I managed it, and am delighted that I got through it in one piece, more or less.  In the end I never handed in the story I wrote at the beginning of the year, that I’ve prepped to hand it in and instead ran with the first half of a new Elliot and Morri novella.  It’s done, dusted, handed in.  And all I need do is wait for the confirmation that it’s been received and I’m all good.

And the bad news.

I think all I need to is link this site and leave it at that.

Sometimes I’m truly ashamed to be an indie writer, and I’m hoping that shame wears off before I’ve got to actually help some of my indie writing friends, or it’s going to colour my enthusiasm and they don’t deserve that.


Kai’s ‘day in the life’

I’ve thought about this a lot in the last three or four weeks – and every time I go to write it, I realise it’s difficult to pin down my ‘average’ day.  But Chris Brogan outlined his day, so I thought I’d give it a try 😉

There are a couple of commonalities, but it’s been difficult to tie everything into each other lately.  But I thought I’d give it a try.

My ‘job’.

I am a full-time writer.  So I copywrite, and if I’m not copywriting, I do other content for my blogs, or write fiction.  I’ve been off fiction for a while, but I’m working on most of it with a vengeance again.

The morning:

7am – if he doesn’t wake me up at 6:30, I wake up mostly naturally sometime between 7 and 7:30.  My first thing I do, and I hate, is check my email for messages overnight from my clients/the team I sub-contract with.  It means my morning might be started on a good note or not, depending on edits and stuff that have come in overnight.
I tend *not* to check in on Facebook unless I really need to.  I get the kids ready for school – and if I’m not feeling sick, I grab brekfast.  I’m trying to teach myself to do that more often, because I think my body confuses nausea with hunger first thing and it has a knock on effect.

8:30am – Kids are normally out the door by now – so I do email, and blogging and anything else I feel like.  Right now, in the morning I’m doing fiction writing and writing until lunch.  Today, and for the last six days, I’ve been working on my dissertation.  Next week, the kids go on holiday and I’ll be working on my novel for its final work through before handing in.
I do Facebook quite a lot during the morning, between writing, in snatches.
If I’m blocked, I blog.


Lucky to stop for lunch – working from home means that I can do it whenever, but I normally forget.


In the afternoon, I’m a great copywriter.  I don’t know why the difference exists between morning and afternoon, but it is.  I write until around 4pm, when the kids get home.


In the evening, I’m on Facebook, I’m interacting with friends, I’m doing my best impression of a meerkat and listening to the world, with my head stuck above my ‘burrow’.   I collapse into bed around 11pm, after a hot bath, one last check on Facebook, and either games on my iPad, or one last bout of writing.  If I can’t sleep, I knit.

And Tuesday nights, I game with friends – we’re currently roleplaying through a 40K Rouge Trader game, where I’m the Captain.

Intermingled with all of this, I keep an eye on several self-publishing support groups on Facebook, and put the finishing touches on a lot of the things that I’m setting up for launch post dissertation (this Thursday to hand it in!)

Today’s tasks

  • 2 Blog posts for my client’s equality blogs
  • 4 blog posts to get my blogs ahead – including bi-polarbears 
  • 4k of my dissertation (2k writing and 2k editing)
  • Press release for DarknessPD.
  • Set-up for new community site for self publishers.
  • Chapter edits on two books for clients
And anything else that comes up 😉
My ‘takeaway’
One of the big things I’ve learned from Chris over the last years is there’s always a ‘take away’ – an underlying message that comes from what I know now versus what I knew the last time I did this.  The last time I did this I was signed off with a mental health disorder – and had just quit Uni for the year, and going back into the classes later in the year to try again.
I’ve come *a long way* since my last ‘day in the life’ post.  Seriously.  Things have changed so much – I own two limited companies in the UK and our last year’s turnover was great.
The takeaway?  I’ve come a long way – and I’ve got a lot to be proud of but there is no such thing as a regular day in the life of a fiction/copywriter. 🙂  Not for me anyway.
How about you?

I needs me a better job

Actually, I don’t – I needs me a bit more organisation, to make my job better.

At the moment, I get up at 7:30am, deal with the kidlets, and if I know I’m going out, I shower, get dressed (into clothes I’ve laid out the night before if I’m super organised) and sometimes walk his lordship to school.  I do my stuff in town or over in Cheltenham, and head back (though, right now I’m not keen on leaving the house.  Don’t know why but I’m forcing myself to go further out of my comfort zone so that should be fixed in plenty of time to go to London or travel on my own (with the kids but also on my own on the way back) n the 28th.

I do some chores around the house, because I can’t settle to writing when I get up.  Conversely, unless I do something low tech before going up to bed, I struggle with falling asleep too, so it’s something I’m working on.
And then I spend anywhere between 4 and 12 hours writing, depending on workload.  I edit and blog too .  I’m looking right now, at a mountain of my own edit – it’s one I can’t send out for a professional edit because it’s my dissertation and that’s just not allowed.  It’ll be done in 15 days though.  2 weeks tomorrow I hand it in.  I’m crapping myself.

The problem I’m seeing with my ‘job’ though is that I’ve got other stuff that I have to shoehorn in.  I don’t like the idea of having to precisely map out how much time I spend with friends – and I don’t like that I’m already gearing up because I’m having less time over the summer to do ‘stuff’ and there’s no room for it.  And it’s mostly down to disorganisation.

There, I said it.  I’m disorganised.  I flit from job to job without a care in the world, and I could do so much better – and get more done.  I already fit work that takes ‘average people’ (going by rescuetime/various writer’s sites) a lot more time, and enjoy it.  I can, if I put my mind to it, write around 3k in an hour.  I have to be really desperate to write, but I can. (at 803 words in 11 minutes this morning!)

My other problem is the overwhelming amount of tech at my fingertips.  It’s not ‘normal’ to be able to read and knit at the same time, but with the kindle, I can. (I used to be able to multitask like a pro – I’m slowly getting back there, other than my attention span, since I fell in 2007 – anyone that says head injuries without loss of consciousness aren’t horrible are liars.  I did myself serious damage – I’m also not entirely sure I didn’t lose consciousness, kinda, because I can’t remember the fall.  I also don’t remember being picked up, but my beloved swears blind that I fell onto my back.  Which means I might have done myself more damage than I thought).

So.  I’ve got four days of limited access at the end of this month.  And then another four the weekend after.  I won’t be online for work between the 4th and 9th of August, because I’ll be packing for my holiday, enjoying my holiday and getting back from my holiday.  it’s right smack bang in the middle of the time away from the kids too, so it’s good.

I’m also a full-time house momma.  And that’s where the biggest problem now comes in.  I’m not doing regular chores, and that bothers me.  I’ve tried Flylady (and didn’t enjoy it) and I think, in part it’s because I’m very independent and don’t like being told how to live my life.  I’ve never responded well to limitations and not being allowed to do the things I want to do.  When I modify my life, I’ve actually thought about it – even if it’s a split second though, I do actually go though considering stuff, and reconcile it with how I process internally.  Unexpected stuff throws me, which is why I can’t stand being involved in groups where people are childish or difficult to work with.  I’m already pretty inflexible, and I’d say, sometimes, childlike in how I deal with the world.  It’s not an aspect of my bipolar, it’s just who I am.  I’m also mostly incredibly literal for someone that messes with language the way I do. it’s probably the forensic linguist in me.

Anyway, the point with this is my life is too hectic.  There’s no room for new stuff without dropping other stuff, and I don’t like that.  So.  Though I’ve merged down here, and should get to blog more often, it’s still going to be erratic for a while.  Not deliberately, but more because my technology isn’t at the point that I need it to be.  Roll on Os5, but I betcha before then I work it out.  It’s only taken me…what, nearly ten years?
in all seriousness, the ‘new me’ starts straight after the first holiday.  I’m planning some crazy, but valuable stuff.  I’d love it if people could come along for the wild ride 😉


My 10 years as a professional writer is coming up

I started writing professionally in 2001.  Part time, but still, I wrote for several sites and blogged (though it was a html template and the damned thing needed the new links added to *every bloody* page, cause I didn’t know about php back then).  I’ve always been a writer, but there was the conscious decision, in 2001, to do it full time.  It was around the time I started having problems in my second pregnancy, and they were predicting some pretty dire things for PrincessPink (which thankfully mostly didn’t come true) and I had to make some sort of decision to free us up so that I could care for a disabled child.  She’s challenging in a different way, but the choice was the right one.  I was a bit singleminded, and my family didn’t like that, but still, it’s worked out ok.  Mostly.  And in the end, it was me that was the bigger problem that year (gallbladder and illness before/after)

Anyway – to celebrate the ten year anniversary of becoming a professional writer (August 1st), I’m going to work on a couple of special bits and pieces and make my year 10 a big one.
I’ve been writing though, since I was four, so it’s not as if it were entirely unexpected.

I’d love it though if people could help me make my ‘decade’ anniversary of my version of professionalism a big one.  So, to that end, I’d like a ‘present’ from everyone.  If you could invite your friends to the new blog that launches on the 1st (it’s a surprise, but just about anyone that’s an author or reader will love it) I would *really* appreciate it.  I promise it’s one of those things that you won’t regret – in as much as I say I’m not, I’m actually apparently very talented 😉