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Author: Kai

Kai is a writer, author and avid reader.  A mental health advocate, Ludosport athlete and coder. She's the mother of two young adults, owned by two cats, and lives with her beloved in the Cotswolds.

The five most alluring words in the English Language

I don’t remember exactly where I saw this, but the words, quickly, naturally, easily, instantly, and freely have an odd effect on people. They cause them to percieve your copy as both upbeat and ‘honest’ and therefore makes it easier to associate postively with them, which in turn COULD boost your sales message.
(from the […]

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Are bipolar disorder and schizophrenia genetically related?

Since starting to study psychology at University, I’ve discovered a couple of things about my personality, studies and how though lots of them appear to repeat the same things, over and over again, some do actually pull in information of interest. I’m going to explain my research process in greater depth in another post, because […]

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The writer in us all

The writer in all of us Posted by Kai at 1:51 PM Bear with me on this one, it’s a biggie. We’ve been talking about how to give you guys, our faithful readers, *more* from our shared blog, and there’s been a lot of back and forth about what MNaBC actually is. And the question boiled down to, at one point, ‘are we all really looking for contracts? ‘ My answer to that was no…well…yes. No. I should be. I’m not, but I am. Errr… And it occurred to me that this, of all the things I’ve been thinking about…

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Can you step back from your online life?

I’ll be honest with you, I’ve spent the last two weeks soul searching and wondering what I’m supposed to do with myself because of an accident that occured this last September. I’ve always been a fairly independant, sharp articulate woman. I could always spell just about anything (other than my i before e’s – and when my fingers go slightly faster than my brain) but at the moment, I’m finding it difficult. My memory is shot – and there are definitive gaps where stories, characters, and plotlines used to reside – I think. The only reason I *know* the stories…

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