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Author: Kai

Kai is a writer, author and avid reader.  A mental health advocate, Ludosport athlete and coder. She's the mother of two young adults, owned by two cats, and lives with her beloved in the Cotswolds.

N is for Nature

This entry is part 18 of 22 in the series AtoZ 2023 - The AtoZ of Me

I guess, as I’ve spent the last month planning everything, that I didn’t realise how serendipitous this week would actually work out. Yesterday, I was lucky enough to spend a few hours just…soaking in the natural beauty in an arboretum called Batsford.Batsford Arboretum is one of those places that I’ve been, again and again, to relax. When I lived in Edinburgh, I wasn’t far from trees, water, nature (Colinton Dell), so when we moved, it was kinda hard for me, because though we still lived on the outskirts of towns, it wasn’t as easy to get to places as it…

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M is for music

This entry is part 17 of 22 in the series AtoZ 2023 - The AtoZ of Me

Today, I’m setting up my office (it’s our walk in wardrobe with the cutest Edwardian (style?) writing desk, covered in plants, pens and books, having managed to luck into a free day of writing. Normally, we’d be at another friend’s, playing Gloomhaven, but plans fell through, and my partner and I decided to use that time to do other stuff. He’s off having coffee with another dear friend, and, as I have a horrible ear infection, I was going to stay in bed and generally feel sorry for myself. And then I thought I could just get the room sorted…

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L is for LudoSport #MondayBlogs #OneNameOneSky

This entry is part 16 of 22 in the series AtoZ 2023 - The AtoZ of Me

Just under a year and a half ago, I took part in a discovery class which changed my life. And I don’t mean that with any hyperbole. I mean it literally. I have, as i’ve mentioned, CPTSD, anxiety and I’ll talk a little about psychosis later in the month. It’s also something I talk about in ‘Run Girl, Run’, which will be on my other blog later in the month. How I joined… (I’ve talked about LudoSport before a few times on my blog, so you may already know some of this) Lockdown was, I guess, sort of the normal…

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K is for Kindle (Scribe)

This entry is part 15 of 22 in the series AtoZ 2023 - The AtoZ of Me

(please note, this is a rare blog with affiliate links in. Please do remember that when or if you click through).I have a Kindle Scribe. I got it as soon as I’d heard it came out, because I’d been eyeing the Remarkable for years, and when the Kindle Scribe came out, I jumped at the chance.It was a birthday present from my family, though I’d ordered it beforehand, and was excited to get it, and when it arrived in December, I was over the moon. And I still am. My everyday companion I haven’t quite given up on my paper…

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J is for Joy

This entry is part 14 of 22 in the series AtoZ 2023 - The AtoZ of Me

Today, I want to talk about cultivating joy. And I’m really sorry, because I know the language that gets used around this can be a bit ‘woo woo’ or touchy feely (and believe me, I know. But it’s an important topic, and if you can get passed the…well…difficult language that can make it seem like it’s inaccessible or… indulgent is another story entirely). Firstly, cultivating joy. Building happiness. Creating an environment for self-care that works for you. ALL OF THAT IS KEY. It’s critical in fact. So. Cultivating joy is important, however you do it. Whether it’s taking time out…

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I is for ink

This entry is part 13 of 22 in the series AtoZ 2023 - The AtoZ of Me

Did you know I have a tattoo? I do. When I seperated from the father of my now adult children, my brother offered me a tattoo for my birthday/Christmas. I think he was expecting a little butterfly, or something that was on my shoulder or back, that would always be covered, but…well, my tattoo remains mostly covered, but it’s not exactly a discreet tattoo. I’ve got a biohazard tattoo on my spine. It’s got a meaning too. A lot of people joked to say that it’s a tramp stamp, but it honestly is something important to me. A biohazard symbol…

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H is for Horror

This entry is part 12 of 22 in the series AtoZ 2023 - The AtoZ of Me

One of the few things I think people are really surprised about is, even though I am quite twitchy and jumpy about other stuff, one of the few things I really love is horror.I write Horror (as Sabrann Curach, for the flat-out horror stuff at least, though a lot of my books have some sort of dystopian or otherwise ‘horror’ ish element, apparently), I read horror (favourite authors? Shaun Allan, Stephen King, Dean R Koontz, Adam Baker to name a few). One of the few things I think people are really surprised about is, even though I am quite twitchy…

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G is also for gaming

This entry is part 11 of 22 in the series AtoZ 2023 - The AtoZ of Me

I’ve spent all of my life gaming. Literally, since I was small, I’ve been obsessed with games of all kinds, from computers and consoles to boardgames. Since I was nine, I’ve been playing in RPGs, starting with Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve played everything since, from Warhammer 40k, and everything else I can get at ever since. I’m also super lucky that I’m married to a gamer. Our house is basically a geek paradise, and our date night often consists of gaming. Currently playing… So, right now, I’m currently playing GloomHaven with our friends – I’m also playing that on Steam.…

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G is for Gods and mythology

This entry is part 10 of 22 in the series AtoZ 2023 - The AtoZ of Me

I think Neil Gaiman said it best in American Gods introduction when he said, “It goes without saying that all of the people, living, dead, and otherwise, in this story are fictional or used in a fictional context. Only the gods are real.” Neil Gaiman – American Gods When it comes to writing, I think that’s actually kinda accurate. And as a writer, our fictional characters are pretty much fictionally contextual (we make them up), but the gods of our stories are real.But, for me, mythology and gods are a little bit ‘real’ too. I’m both Pagan, and adore mythology. And…

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F is for Fun…

This entry is part 9 of 22 in the series AtoZ 2023 - The AtoZ of Me

I actually do a lot for fun. From writing and blogging, to LudoSport (which I’ll be blogging about later this month), gaming (tomorrow) of all sorts, reading and gardening. I also do lots of crafty things, from using my Cricut, diamond paintings, knitting and learning now (or trying to learn) to crochet, cross-stitch, and I’ll be learning to make macrame creations. I’d love to learn to do resin artwork too, but it’s on my later list, cause there’s only so many hours in the day. Fun, or downtime While I used to struggle with this, downtime is one of those…

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E is for Edinburgh

This entry is part 8 of 22 in the series AtoZ 2023 - The AtoZ of Me

Princes Street Walk I am a native of Edinburgh,Auld Reekie born and bred, scrappy, beautiful, like our famous dog,And a beauty over a gory, bloody history. A melting pot of cultures,loud bagpipes, in endless loops1the Fringe, Hogmanay, Beltaine,the city alive, beautiful, brilliant. Athens-like Folly2, overlooksome modern shames, like the evertripline replacing trams3, whose tracks warp, even in theflash summers of Scotland. The misheard street names,that of Princes Street, in front of Queen,we stand there, by the Scott Monument,our picturesque ‘Goth Rocket’4waiting, for the One o’clock gun,tourists asking when, bemused residents answering,asking one another “if it’s not just in the name?”…

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D is for ‘dont call me that’ – aka Donna #Mondayblogs

This entry is part 7 of 22 in the series AtoZ 2023 - The AtoZ of Me

I’m going to get right to the point with this post. My birth name isn’t Kai. Or Kaiberie. My birth name is Donna. A name I don’t relate to I personally believe that our name is one of the things that define us. And while I know the definition of Donna is ‘lady’ in Italian, I’ve never felt particularly ladylike. I am, in fact, the biggest tomboy moving. I’m actually quite proud of that fact, and don’t avoid hobbies just because ‘that’s not for girls’ (it comes up less now, but it was quite common, even in the gaming community