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Month: October 2023

Good news/bad news #mondayblogs #pennyforyourthoughts

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and before I dive in, I want to say, this IS about writing. In it’s own way at least, but it’s a lot more about how serious something that looks innocuous can get to be. I’ve spent the last six years dipping in and out of anaemia. Due to a reason I’ve already written about (the book I’ll eventually re-release, with all the others, “I don’t want to wear incontinence pants”, which is basically about how bad it is for me when I get my period, and what I’ve found worked for…

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Watching the world collapse, not sure the struts will hold #Mondayblogs #UK

I’m through – finally – my B12 loading doses, and I’ll be brutally honest, I don’t feel like I could ever do that again. I’m grateful for it, but…on that pattern? The last two doses were hellish.Hellish, as in, I ended up in A&E on Wednesday night. A rare political post from me I want to say – up-front and very clearly- that the staff I dealt with in A&E were lovely. Harried, rushed, but absolutely lovely. Not one person on the staff was unkind – to me or anyone else in my line of sight. I can’t always say…

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Book news, press Y to continue

Or ask me why I guess. I’ve spent the last few weeks trying to tread water. If I’m honest, since around April, and the AtoZ challenge, with a very few exceptions, writing has been like pulling teeth.Part of it has been my health problems, which have been ongoing for more than a year. What I didn’t know was if your B12 and foliate drop to a certain level, you slowly stop being able to do complex cognitive stuff (keep on top of your blood tests, kids!), which meant what I took for apathy was probably my B12 going through the…

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Where I was, where I am, where I’m going #Mondayblogs #ByKai #Rebrand

Well…that was a bit longer than I meant it to be. Sorry about that. I went offline in July to try and get a bit of clarity on how to plan and merge down everything and while that project is still in progress…no, actually, is still in the beginning phases, I have good reason for it. A year ago this week, I was diagnosed as having issues with B12, foliate (which is important if you’re still trying to extend your family, which we are, but actually, is an important thing for memory, and nerve and muscle connectivity and all sorts…

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