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Immunocompromised again #MondayBlogs #ouch #myface #Shingles

I was quite looking forward to redesigning my blog and adding a new feature last week, but as the week wore on and I spent more time in bed, editing (I can’t complain, not really, I’ve got the ‘luxury’ of doing that, I guess), it turned out that I was really struggling for a different reason, beyond ‘maybe I overdid it a bit while doing all the things in the last six weeks (beginning of June, to now, I’ve done two conventions, one Discovery session, one UK Arena (#LudoSport #OneNameOneSky #Bristol!) plus all of the other stuff, from dealing with a very close friend passing away (Valerie Douglas) to sorting out various things in the household and online.
So, come Wednesday, and I’m puttering away in my office, and my face and head hurts. Thursday, I’ve got the telltale rash on my cheekbone, and so, after a bit of hesitation, I put in a call to my GP and ask for help. Hello horse pills. In all seriousness, Acyclovir in pill form is a bit of a lifesaver in these circumstances. I was given pain meds too, but I try not to take them too much, as nuclear strength is a bit of an understatement.
I’ve spent the rest of the week upstairs, either in bed editing (like I said, I’m lucky that I get that choice), sleeping or reading. I’ve not slept well at all since I got sick, but, I’ve been lucky enough to catch the blisters before they were really bad. I’ve just ended up with a road-rash style look on my cheek, which has been all that’s really come up, though my face really hurts. And will do for weeks.

But, at least I know the antivirals are working. And I got a LOT of editing done. It’s made me appreciate my Scribe all the more and, in a way, made me reconsider my work routine every day. And had me researching why I keep getting shingles. I’d say ‘answers on a postcard’, but let’s face it, I probably have some sort of autoimmune that’s triggered by stress and a lot of other stuff, and I just managed to trigger it again. Careful management means I should be ok for the rest of the year, if I’m lucky. And while I don’t like having shingles, it’s kinda comforting to know that the protocols we now have in place do actually work. But I forsee many tests in my future. Well, many more – I already do far more blood tests than I’d consider average given I’m always anemic and always B12 deficient (yes, I’m well aware there’s a link there too).

The thing is, I guess, that the redesign can wait. And, it’s given me time to interact and meet lots of nice new people on Threads too – if you’re there as well and want to come say hi, I’m @Kaiberie – ๐Ÿ™‚

Today, because I’m still a bit under the weather, I’m reviewing my ‘about me’ on here and other sites. And planning some shenanigans, I guess.

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  1. Quinn Calfrey Quinn Calfrey

    Good god woman. I get Covid, Valerie passes away, you get shingles…
    Go get tested to find out what the fยฃยฃk your immune system is doing, would you?
    I’m sure you can stop for a bit – though I know you, you’d keep pushing till you collapse if they let you. I hope your friends know how amazing you are. I know some do, and I’m grateful you have that! Plus, your good man watches out for you!
    Thank you for the card and Kindke books. I’ll enjoy them while recovering. You might wanna do the same. The world won’t end of you stop for a little while ๐Ÿ™‚
    *hugs* people like you, you have to know that. You don’t need to nearly kill yourself to keep people happy. I know your in-person people don’t ask more than you offer, but you are now in charge of one of the oldest indie writing groups on the Web. Acknowledged and recognised, and while I know you have mods, I know you it’ll be heavy for you. Keep the balance and don’t let it squish you!

    P.s. The really cute Doctor looking after me knows your books. I was going to say “small world” but I think, really, no one deserves it more than you. What do I tell him about the SwordDancers series? (oh yes, that far back).

    • Kai Kai

      Lol. What you do is disavow all knowledge ๐Ÿ™‚
      Actually, I got the rights back. So, they’ll be edited and public published this time. Really small world though, cause those books are not – and have never – appeared outside a subscription box.
      *hugs* get well soonest! You did hear everyone is now immortal, right? I wasn’t fast enough to tell Valerie, and that breaks my heart, but be dammed if I don’t tell everyone else.
      You are immortal. I have spoken ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Quinn Quinn

        You did tell me, but sweetie, you’re not able to convey that. Don’t take that on yourself.
        Is the comment below me one of your Rectors? Listen to him!

  2. Luke Tull Luke Tull

    Hi Kai, stumbled on this whilst my usual search of weekly LudoSport Bristol searches online – You may have overdone it recently with all those conventions, discovery sessions, weekly classes, and UK Arena but… know that I am personally incredibly happy to not only have you within the sport but also to call you a dear friend so please take care. Remember our core values of Service, Care & Respect not only for absolutely everyone but also for yourself so rest up <3
    I would also like to say and for you to know the rest of the instructors, tecnici and UK management team are so very very proud of you too! You keep doing an amazing job each and every week and I am so so pleased you are in this sport to help us and to provide all your valuable knowledge. Keep up the amazing work, and keep being the best iniziata in the whole of the UK 2023!!! I am proud and very happy to call you a key member of TEMPEST! but also a very good friend.

    Luke x


    • Kai Kai

      Thank you so much. This means the world to me ๐Ÿ™‚ and you know me, I live to serve. I’m glad I can help, and always will, as long as I’m needed.


    • Quinn Quinn

      Do you think you can get through to her that she’s not a terrible person that no one likes? Cause if you’re the Luke she talks about (along with a S and a couple of J’s) that she trains with, along with David, I want to thank you for changing her world.
      She’s such a sweet woman, and I’ve known her since we were teens – but she’s so hard on herself. I’m hoping that your influence, and Dave’s and some others will shift it so that her boundaries WORK for her.
      You’ll never get her to slow down though. She alternates between a feral kitten on a mad half hour and Taz, in the sweetest possible way. (energy, attitude mostly, I mean. She’s feisty, always has been. She used to run rings round my brothers in the Army Cadets, and kick their asses in games.) She never stops. Not when others need her, or when she can do good for others.

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