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Month: July 2023

Immunocompromised again #MondayBlogs #ouch #myface #Shingles

I was quite looking forward to redesigning my blog and adding a new feature last week, but as the week wore on and I spent more time in bed, editing (I can’t complain, not really, I’ve got the ‘luxury’ of doing that, I guess), it turned out that I was really struggling for a different reason, beyond ‘maybe I overdid it a bit while doing all the things in the last six weeks (beginning of June, to now, I’ve done two conventions, one Discovery session, one UK Arena (#LudoSport #OneNameOneSky #Bristol!) plus all of the other stuff, from dealing with…


Changes afoot #MondayBlogs #Kaiyearofchange

You might have wondered where I went after the AtoZ. I didn’t even really finish that, but the truth is, I’ve been working on changing *waves at everything around me* in a very piecemeal way in the last couple of years, and having spent a whole YEAR in limbo of ‘should I do this, could I do that,’, I finally pulled the cord, hit the detonation button, pulled down walls, slegehammered a pile of crap… And ended up, after all that, facing down the fact that (a) I said this in 2018, when my adopted sister died, only to be…

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