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Month: February 2021

Rebuilding my world

So. I’ve talked about the unexpected stuff that happened while taking time off, but I’d already planned to take a few steps back this spring and sort out a few things.In April, I’ll be back in Uni, completing a course on Python for the first year of my Cyber Security Year, but I’ll also be doing other stuff. Like Blogging from A-Z. We’re already discussing the These Our Fandoms work, but I’ll also be running here at a minimum. I’ll be joining up, and announcing around the 8th of March for those projects, when this year’s theme is revealed. Books

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When you’re just not ready to say goodbye

Dragonflies There are some posts you just never want to write. Some things that you just don’t want to say. Last week, my grandmother passed away. And while we’ve – not callously prepared, but due to the circumstances – been sorta worried this would happen, given the current health climate in the world right now, let alone the fact that we’ve got to accept this – as much as we want to keep people with us forever, it’s just not possible. As hard and as much as we wish it could be, there’s a reality that we can’t escape. And…

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