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Month: November 2011

Birthdays and stuff

Normally, I do my ‘birthday’ update on or around my birthday – but I’m a couple of days late this  year.  And with good (ish) reason. On the 8th of this year I graduated officially.  And so began a week of visits and catching up with friends and family.  Unfortunately, so also began a week of random exhaustion and a horrible rash that’s over most of the front of my neck and up one shoulder. The rash The rash itself isn’t actually too bad now, other than it itches like mad.  I’m itchy in various places to be fair, but…

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999 bottles of beer on the wall…999 bottles of beer

I’m about to go hunting for the daily/monthly word count plugin I’ve got on another site, for lo and verily, I want to actually start keeping track of my writing again.  But that’s not what the title of this post is about. I’m writing a new(ish) plugin that lets me track what I’ve done with writing – but I’ve also got something else I want to keep track of, something that’s going onto a new blog, but for now, I just wanted a record of it *somewhere*.  I have 137 books to read.  137 books I’ve either bought or been…

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Insidious lies in the Indie community

We interrupt your regularly scheduled fluff for a bit of a rant.  And I wouldn’t be doing this during Nanowrimo season, but it *really* needs to be said. I’ve been thinking a lot about the word ‘Dystopolitics’.  And my idea of Dystopolitics is actually linked to my own books, but it goes beyond that.  The politics of dystopia, right now, is pretty much looking at stuff like ‘A Handmaid’s tale’ and going, oooh, we’ll make sure our political views never get that radical. And you know, the politics of dystopia.  The radicalness….it’s seeping into everything going on around us.  I’m days from…

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