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Nov 22 059So, yeah, I’m still on writing burnout, at least for fiction.  I’m a bit concerned about that actually –  there’s no ideas, no flashes of ‘oooh, I wanna write *that*’… nothing.

But, there is the niggling nagging feeling that I should at least get my life back into a ‘productive’ space instead of sitting on the couch for days and thinking ‘why me’.  I guess the ‘why me’ isn’t the right question.  ‘What can I do to fix it’ is the real question.

In all of this drive, I’ve lost most of my passions.  The blogs that I’m most passionate about?  Fallen to the wayside as I keep my head above water.  Finished my dissertation, and all that seemed to fill it?  Moping.

The new schedule

When I say ‘schedule’, I’m, for now, not looking at the list on my plate, and then slotting stuff in.  I’m also not going to say ‘I’m using these blogs to ‘warm up’ in the morning.  In fact, I’m going to do my level best to get a bit ahead with the evergreen stuff and pick up the information that’s not evergreen and post it as and when required.  I’ve got special plugins that do stuff with queued content and works with what I’m doing.

But there’s a certain… need to actually say ‘well, this is what I’m doing’.

The blogs  (this one) –  which, bar the information posts, is going to restart.  Literary Forensics is a bit of editing, a bit of language, a bit about etymology, and a lot about the ‘language’ of crime.  It’ll feature crime and thriller writer interviews too, alongside a non fiction book sometime early in the new year. -it’s probably not particularly well in the communities I’m involved with right now, but I write a mental health blog.  I’m not very good at writing on a schedule though, and that’s something I’d like to change.  Again, there’s a book associated with this blog.  –  it’s a bit about editing, a bit about writing.

and finally – –  which actually encompasses something like six mini blogs, but still…

Other projects

I’ve got a couple of other projects to deal with, including setting up some sites for some projects, and writing content to achieve that.  One of them is ‘indieauthoraide’, a site designed to support indie authors in accessing everything they need.  But it’s quite a big…if not one of the biggest projects I’ve undertaken, and actually needs planned. Needs to ask people to come help too.  But that’s the underlying structure.

30 hours of copywriting, with the company I work for, and those blogs.  I think it’s a good underlying structure to go for.


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  1. Katie

    You are so NOT a “why me” person! Good job you kicked yourself in the butt cos otherwise I’d have to find the energy to do it! ROFL It’s one thing to have burnout esp considering what you manage to pack into your life – it’s another thing to roll over and say “OK, I’m done.” You know you’re not done, you’re just needing a breathing space. Sometimes I think Kai needs to be as much of a friend to Kai as she is to everyone else who crosses her path!


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P is for Psychosis #realmentalhealth #mondayblogs #nomorestigma

This is one of my harder blog posts to write, because though I talk – a lot – about the impact my mental health has on my day to day life, and has done for a while, I’m pretty sure that this is the bit no one really understands, causes the most…misunderstanding and I hope, because I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, they can’t relate to. If you didn’t know that psychosis was a feature of my mental health diagnosis, or didn’t understand if you’d heard it mentioned before now, please…don’t start changing your opinion of me. That’s the biggest reason those of us with serious mental health issues aren’t as open as society needs. Because we lose people.