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D Kai Wilson-Viola

D Kai Wilson-Viola

One of the major areas I’m struggling with right now is getting back into a process of working that lets me work on my blogs (and I have a pile of them), do the new projects I’ve come up with (less than the ones I already had, but still….), and copywrite full time/write novels. If I could do all that and make a bit of money from each I’d be happy, but right now I’d be happier if I could get one area carrying the others sufficiently without taking up all of my time.

I thought I’d knock one request right off the list though – the photo on this post is a candid shot of me in our garden from a couple of weeks ago.

One project I’ve been toying with is aggregating all of my blogs to one place (properly). I have the domain name, I have an idea of what I want to do, I’m just struggling with how to do it and how it would work for people that were interested. Right now it involves Yahoo Pipes, and categorizing blogs very broadly into subjects, but I’m hoping once the basic framework is in place, I can do some neater stuff with it all.

Aggregating time and working smarter is a goal I have to really review between now and my birthday – by the time I’m 33, I want to have a better system of checks and balances and ensure that I’m happy with everything I’m doing and then just settle into work – with any luck, my books are going to do well enough that I can justify the time I’m taking out and it’s not going to feel like so much of a blind panic when I think about the hours I *could* be copy writing and am not. I’m sure it’s going to pay off, though right now, the biggest thing I’m interested in is growth – which I’m getting in spades.

I’m curious for those of you that keep dozens of blogs though – how do you manage letting people see *everything* without overwhelming them? My average day is five blog posts a day, which might seem a lot (that’s close to 50 posts a week when it comes down to it) so I’m conscious that I don’t want to overwhelm people, but at the same time, it feels like people are only seeing fragments. Right now, my life stream on has some of the blogs I regularly post to, but not all of them. So I’d love to hear how other people manage their online presence so people can see what they’re doing all over 🙂

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