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Office cat’s guide to blogging

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Office cat’s guide to blogging

Mar 7, 2011 | Announcements | 5 comments

Hi there, I’m Office Cat.  My pet, Kai, has graciously allowed me to come onto her blog today to introduce the ‘office cat guide to

Blogging’.  But first, may I offer my feline feliciations and give you an idea of who I am


Kushie, the Office Cat

and my (blogging) pedigree.

My name is Jenuine WildTansy, and I am an F4 Bengal.  But my mom (and pet) calls me Kushka, or Kushie, or Fuzzbutt, which is very undignified.

But what my pet has told me about Blogging is *really* valuable, so valuable in fact that I wanted to share.  She’s doing the 30 day challenge, and so am I!

From now on, the ‘Office Cat’s guide to Blogging’ will appear on WPforAuthors, but mom has graciously allowed me to start on her blog first, and get everyone interested.

And here’s my first tip.

1) Personality

Forget worrying about SEO, forget worrying about domain names, the first thing you’ve GOT to do is find your gorgeous voice.  Like my piercing stare, a gorgous, sleek voice will be strokable, skritchablle and entirely memorable.  Once you’ve got your voice, you can plan your blog.

Remember, I’m appearing DAILY at Wpforauthors, and I hope you’ll join me there from tomorrow!

Till next time!  Kushie, the Office Cat

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  1. Sandi

    What a delight! Can’t wait to hear more…

  2. Jim Sanders

    Nice adaptation of a theme. I’ve seen this for other things, but this is the first I’ve seen on a pet input, hopefully Kushie is as fluid in voice as their human. I’ll catch you on the forums, with or without Kushie.

  3. Audra Marie

    I’m in the process of finding my blogging voice again. I lost it for a bit. 🙂 Part of me is not ready to fully dive back in until I get my blog redesigns over with. Anyway, great tip. Look forward to reading more. 🙂

  4. Missa

    Hey Kushie, mew from Sweden! I think I’ve got this voice thing down to a purrfect art form. Personally I think human speech is over-rated. They think their ability to speak makes them superior, but who needs speech when a well positioned bite can make them jump to your (my) every demand? Of course, one man’s bite is another man’s purr – my mom is more easily manipu….ahem swayed by my loving glances wheras pappa needs his attention grabbed in a more on-target way.

    Keep up the good work. I don’t usually type but I do enjoy sitting between the keyboard and the screen to read – it’s a very effective way of getting attention! 🙂



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