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A bit of a dilema – at a crossroads

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So, I’m taking part in another blogging challenge, the V7N one that Cricket runs (remember to share the love!) and I have a bit…. a lot of a dilemma.

I need to start getting focussed.  Specifically, I need to make time for both fiction writing and publishing.  I also really want to get back to the stuff I’m *really* passionate about, which is language, specifically, the language that we use to write ‘stuff’.  But I’m also mental about WordPress, and knitting, and…and….

Ok.  So there’s a couple of complications to this.

One – I have a dissertation due on the 3rd of May.  I also have two sorry, three assignments due in, one next week.  It’s creative writing so it’s not *that bad*, but it’s still….a lot to deal with.  At the moment, I’m working with taking an hour and a half out every day to do *stuff*.

Two – I want to spend some quality time with the two leading men in my fiction, Elliot Peters and Marcus Farran.  So, we’re looking at being torn between two genres too, and it’s difficult to work with blogging and fiction when it’s going forward to be published.  But I can write about the *process* right?

Three – I’ve got five different blogs that I *could* do the challenge on.  And that’s when my dilema really kicks into high gear.
The five blogs are:

  • – ie. this one.
  • booksbykai – this is my book blogging site, though it’s currently being co-hosted on writers-bookshelf
  • literary-forensics – one of my major MASSIVE passions – I love talking language.  It’s just out in front of talking coding, when, if you get down to the nuts and bolts, is about the same thing really.
  • WP-for-Authors – Doing a project that I could blog about, though the principles apply to anyone, I know who my ideal market is and why.
  • The Blogging coach – Talking about blogging in general.
  • And of course, I *WANT* to be as involved in the community, if not more, but I’m also highly aware that I’m not running it, so my instinct to help out is probably misplaced :S

The complication comes in, of course where you factor in that I’m a full time copywriter, a full time WRITER, a full time student, a full time mother….I want to find time for all of my projects, but it’s just not physically possible.  It used to be, especially as there is a massive amount of overlap in my time.  It’s difficult to be a (copy/student) writer without there being a bit of overlap.  Still…..

So, here’s where you guys come in.  Help me choose.  I need to get the blog or blogs listed on the V7N challenge thread before Monday, so I’d love some feedback from everyone 🙂
Also, I’ve ‘vollunteered’ to add at least two posts to the V7N blogs.  I can talk ‘tech’ or ‘Seo’ – which would you like to hear about and what questions are burning through your concentration demanding to be answered?  Other, of course, than ‘who is this crazy lady’ 😉

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  1. Step 1: Take a deep breath and relax.

    Step 2: Look in the mirror and remind yourself that you are an incredible person and that you don’t have to take on any more than you can handle.

    Step 3. Life is about living the life that you want for you and your family. LAUGH OFTEN!

    Step 4. You don’t have to decide which blog(s). Add any and all to the list that you might use during the challenge, because every time to post to any blog, it counts.

    Step 5. Take one day at a time. When that gets overwhelming, switch over to one moment at a time.

    Step 6. Smile and know that you are stunningly beautiful both inside and out, exactly as you are!

    And to answer your question about topics, I want to hear anything you have to share when you are ready to do so. It doesn’t have to be today, tomorrow, or even next week, or the week after. 🙂

    • Kai Kai

      @ Cricket – see, this is why YOU are amazing. Thanks 🙂
      I’ll give it a think and see what unique stuff I can come up with for the blogs. I’ve got a funny perspective on certain things, so I’m really keen to share that. 🙂

  2. I have the same dilemas, well, not the exact same, but overlapping, work, work, and work I can relate to. Guess you’ve already got the answer about which blog. As to what I’d love to hear from you . . . The process in writing fiction. Are your stories based on some real life event, change the names to protect the innocent, or are they purely figments of your imagination? I’ve always wondered about that with writers. If they are somewhat based on events in your life, do the people you are writing about get upset with your portrayal of them? Just burning questions I want to know.

    Also, I was wondering if your creative writing assignments could be used in a blog post, kill two birds with one stone.

    • Kai Kai

      @ Carla.
      If my stories are based on real life, we have a *real* problem – there’s a post about a month back that talked about one of the *MANY* ways I freaked out my partner (you acn see it here. That’s Elliot’s Universe, a police man who entertains the mistaken belief that he’s in control of his environment where, basically, the city is eating him up, and Farran is an ex convict who goes into alien tech to ‘sieze’ it before civillians or the military comes in. 😉
      I write chick lit and (shudder) romance occassionally, but I’m very careful not to include anyone that I know or knows me in the books that I do. It’s difficult for people not to see something of themselves in the stories I write, because they do influence me, but I’m always hardcore on not writing about ‘what ifs’ in my life.
      Those questions are good ones for a writing blog though, so I’ll keep them for writers-bookshelf if that’s ok?
      Creative writing assignments are actual fiction and mostly lifted from my books, which means I can’t post them, though I do occassionally stick my very bad poetry up 😉

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