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Ten more topics almost anyone can use

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Ten more topics almost anyone can use

Jan 23, 2011 | Free for all, Language, Writing | 0 comments

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After the vast amount of comments and attention the ‘topics anyone can use’ series has generated, both on my blog and in private on the mentoring group where I was the guest speaker this week, I thought I’d kick off my site ‘the status report’ with ten more topics here – and invite you to add ‘the status report’ to your RSS feeds.  I’ll talk markets (for fiction and non fiction),  timely topics with a couple of suggested slants, and, best of all, I’m going to feature one reader every week and talk about things they might want to talk about.  That’s right – you, oh faithful reader, can ask me what you might like to blog about.  And get traffic from ‘the status report’ to make you accountable 😉

You can find information on how to get in on the action on my blog feed later in the week but for now, as promised, 10 more topics almost anyone can use.

I’ve split the suggestions into tech (3), hobby (4) and general (3)


  1. There’s an app for that – solving a common problem in your community using (x) apps.  Don’t think of it as advertising (because it is a little) but more adding value and ability to your brand (YOU!).
  2. Latest advances in (your community here) – whether you’re a blogger, a soap and candle maker, deal in kid safety or internet safety or an internet consultant, your community is probably constantly evolving.  Highlight something and talk about whether it’s changed anything for you.
  3. How tech has changed your life…..anything that shows your readers what you use your ‘tech’ for is probably the best type of techie post that doesn’t require actual in depth technical knowledge.


  1. My desert island must haves – you have to run your business from a desert island – you can’t have all of your gadgets and things that make your life easier – how would you do it?
  2. (X) things I can’t live without – conversely, is there something that you just can’t live without?
  3. Great books in the hobby – great tools in the hobby – great materials – shout out to the things you appreciate most.
  4. Music to hobby by – give people an idea of what makes your environment perfect to work your hobby. (and don’t be afraid to tell them if your hobby is also for sale!)


  1. A big family adventure (if you’re comfortable posting about your family that is.  My family aren’t ‘named’ on any of my public areas – she’s PrincessPink (9) and he’s Teeniboi (11) because that’s where I’m most comfortable.  If you’re not comfortable sharing, how about showing off non identifying holiday photos?
  2. Do you (x) – kinda related to your hobby – in my case it would be either ‘do you game’ or ‘do you knit’ – both of which I’m a guest blogger on big blogs for.
  3. Share a cooking recipe – showing your roots is often a great way for people to feel instantly more connected to you and might answer something that people have looked for.  I’ve posted traditional Scottish recipes in the past and garnered bigger followings, so it does work.

Remember, you’re blogging to share with people, so it’s not *wrong* to keep your eye on subscribers, but you shouldn’t blog just to get more people interested – adding and sharing value with those already reading will allow you to spend time developing key online relationships and gain more blogging link backs.

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