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Guest blog posts with free tech support

Jan 13, 2011 | content, Personality, Hosting and Tech, Writing | 0 comments

I thought, given there’s a lot of people have been asking how to ‘hire’ me as a guest blogger recently so I thought I’d sweeten the deal.
If you’re running WordPress self-hosted, I’ll log in, run the posts that you want, over a period of two weeks or more (with a standard bio) – but you’ll get to review them and edit them before they’re posted as live – and while I’m there, I’ll make sure everything you’re running is up to date and give you the basic plugins that I run at the same time.
I’ll also make sure your theme is up to date (or let you know if you need to download it and upload it afterwards).

What I won’t do
I’m not running this offer along with installing or fixing theme issues that are already in place – this is not the way to hire me to fix a hack either – and you have to be able to read the documentation on additional plugins to understand how they work.  Basically, I’m here to give you a shove in the right direction, if you need it.  Plus a minimum of two free guest posts, on the subject of your choice.

All I ask in return is two things – one – you let me include a link to this post at the very bottom of the guest posts I do for you – and two, I get to run an unedited bio with two links to two projects relevant to what I’m writing, or one link that’s relevant, and my hosting company if there aren’t two links with relevant content.

If you’d like me to guest blog for you, shoot me a comment or drop me a comment on my contact-me form.

(small print – I only do basic updates for this offer and cannot be responsible if your blog is so out of date that anything breaks – I am not responsible for any custom coding and cannot undertake it as part of this free offer – this offer is only valid with a minimum of two guest blogs, spaced at least a week apart, and I am not accepting guest blog bookings for more than three weekly increments at present.  All guest blog posts are exclusive to the blog site for one calendar week then revert entirely to me and cannot be used as reprints to promote your blog without prior permission.).


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