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Talking about the Mountain in the room

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Talking about the Mountain in the room

Jan 4, 2011 | Foodie Fridays | 0 comments

It’s actually out in the conservatory, but it’s a mountain nonetheless.
Welcome to the blog – though laundry isn’t the only thing we’ll be talking about here.  The laundry pile though, is the symbol of the clutter, and disarray I sometimes feel we live in.

Ever tidied and tidied and tidied and then, five minutes later, the kids are trashing the room – there’s a spill on the floor, there’s a dusty spot you’ve missed?  Yeah, that’s us.  We’re not untidy, not by a long shot.  Our kitchen is almost always spotless (just cluttered – the dishes are always done, but there’s equipment that doesn’t have a home – there’s boxes out instead of the teabags being stored in the right places, the recycle bin needs emptied – that sort of thing).
Out living room reflects our hectic life – there’s paperwork on the coffee table, there’s electronics charging EVERYWHERE.  Our radiators constantly have drying clothes, and our washing pile WILL NOT shrink, hence ‘Mount Washingmanjaro’.  Our bedroom has clean laundry waiting for a new home, but there’s clothes in that pile that are size 12s (and I’m patently NOT any more), our walk in wardrobe is stacked full of boxes, and my rail keeps collapsing.  There’s so much in there that are tiny jobs that just need done, but it’s…

It’s not difficult but it does tend to get demoralizing if I’m spending a week cleaning and decluttering and within two days, the kids put it back the to almost the way it was.

So – we’re doing ‘Flylady‘, and I’m personally taking charge of decluttering – I may not be as ruthless as I need to be but I’m better at recognizing whether we need something or not now.  Most of the stuff in the house is mine and the kids too, so it’s easier for me to recognize what we’ve got and what we don’t need.  And this blog is part of that process.

I’ll also be talking about weekly plans (fresh start Mondays), freelancing and/or parenting (Winning Wednesdays), recipes – with or without photos (Foodie Fridays) and free for all weekends.  ‘The mountain in the room’ is my discussion on cleaning, decluttering and more.  Though there’s one category called ‘parenting and disabilities daily’, there’s no set schedule for it.  You can’t schedules parenting stuff. ;)

Welcome to the blog!


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