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It’s been over 20 years in coming….

It’s been over 20 years in coming….

Teviot Row House at the University of Edinburg...
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I’m not really ready to *launch* the blog yet, as in, I’m not ready to start talking about everything that I need to, because I’m still getting a grip on the change in schedule that just, quite suddenly, dropped in my lap, but I wanted to intro myself, and say ‘hi there!’

So, most of you know who I am, but just in case, my name is D Kai Wilson.  I write under several dozen names, though mostly it includes Kai and ‘Wilson’ or ‘Viola’.  You can read more about the rationalle behind that on my ‘about – personal’ page later, but I’ve got a couple of entirely off the wall pen names.
8 years ago, I took part in a project called ‘The Nanowrimo‘ – and became an ML for them at the same time.  Myself and a lovely lad called James ran that first year in Edinburgh, where  I lived at the time, and it was a blast.  And during that year, I wrote what became an obsession for me, that’s spawned a series of seven books directly and two spin off sets.

The building pictured to the right is Teviot House – a couple of the Nanoers were roleplayers, with a group called GEAS – John being one of them – who then introduced me to Gregor and others – from *there*, I went through some really interesting times – got really sick, and met the man I’m marrying.   We’ve since moved 100′s of miles south and quite a bit west, but I’ve got some very fond memories of that time, and the books that started it all.   Yeah, that’s right, Nanowrimo changed my life ;) .

Eight years of edits, massive life changes, and seven other Nanowrimos later, and here we are.  I have a contract (this really should be surrounded by flashing lights), and now, I get to talk about how this works.  All of it.

‘Glass Block’ isn’t my first novel.  it’s not my first book.  I’ve been writing since I was 4 (I just turned 32), so this has, quite literally been over 20 years in the making.  I’m so excited, but it’s not entirely unexpected.  I know a lot of people compare it to winning the lottery, and it is, and yet it isn’t.  There’s a lot more work for a start.

So, there’s going to be a couple of great things I hope to do with this – I want to talk about editing manuscripts, and working with an editor and publishing house through the whole process, writing more books.  Y’know – the works.
I’m also hoping that we can get other authors roped into talking about stuff – and working through everything that we’ve got, going on and more.

But, for now, I’m just revelling in the glow of having my first contract.   I’ll get to share more when it’s all settled – but for now, I’m just so goddammed excited!

New site

New site

As I make over all of the other sites I own, I thought I’d post this:  This site will be in *constant* flux.  It is, after all, a representation of me, as a person – which includes parenting, writing, photography, copywriting, being a student, being an artist, being published and more.  It’ll contain some of the feeds over at but it won’t neccisarily be all there is to the site.

So welcome – and please, if you see something that you’re ‘worried’ about, let me know – the template is still under development too, but that’s ok ;)