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Who are we and what do we do?

Aug 13, 2010 | News | 0 comments

I thought before I got into the nitty gritty of actually talking about the running of what is now an ltd (well, LLC) company in the UK, and how that changes (quite a bit!) how I handle my business, that I’d introduce myself and talk about a couple of the things that we do.

Digital Steward is a small business based in the Cotswolds.  We deal in hack compliance, copywriting, wordpress design and support and hosting.  It’s pretty eclectic, huh?

So, I can hear the first question already – what’s all that MEAN.  I mean, if we are our vocations, am I some schizophrenic nut who can’t settle on one job?

Nope.  It’s all actually linked, mostly.

Hack compliance – I clean up (WordPress mostly) hacks, so you don’t have to.  I also, in most cases, tell you where in the hell, how in the hell and why in the hell they got in – three questions that tend to be on everyone’s lips after we’ve restored their blogs to former glory.  Past clients aren’t listed, as basically, you don’t wanna go visiting people soon after they’ve been hacked, I can guarantee most are pretty twitchy.

Hosting – trust me, most of the hacks I find are due to one of two things – a bad password, or virus infected end user machine (that would be the people hiring me in some cases), or more commonly so far, host problems.
That’s not the main reason I run hosting, but it’s become one of the more common ones lately – my main reason is up until a year ago, I owned somewhere in the region of 500 domains – and hosting them on standard accounts was a nightmare.  So I bought myself a server, boned up on *nix, and had quite a bit of fun with it.  And kept the server when I realised how much I was saving.  I don’t own quite as many domains now, but I do still have the server – and space if you’d like to be hosted and get support, and, perhaps learn how to do neat stuff along the way.

WordPress design and maintenance – I looves WordPress.  I looves it so much that I evangelise it almost constantly.  And I mess with themes, and design some fun stuff and generally have a blast with it.  I’m available to hire to work on designs any time – just holler at me and I’ll see what I can do (there’s a handy, dandy contact form at the bottom of the page ;) )

Finally copy-writing – more accurately, if you need anything written, I’ll do it.  I’m an undergrad at the University of Gloucester, studying creative writing and psychology, and saving up to be a forensic linguistics consultant, postgrad training.  I write just about anything, from technical and grant writing, to articles, blogs, instruction manuals, ghostwriting of articles, novels, non fiction books.  I’m a lauded poet, having been part of the Eppie award winning (2006) Oestara collection of Poetry, and have frequently appeared in zines like Bewildering Stories (Mothership), Scribe and Quill (where I’m also an editor), Pen and Pentacle (now defunct), and Three cup Morning (also defunct).  You need it written, and I’ll write it, for a modest fee.  The fee is slightly less modest, but still highly affordable for ghostwritten works, and if that wasn’t enough, I also work as a guest blogger and am available in places through to Christmas.  Contact me for more details.

And that’s it.  There is more to Digitalsteward than I’m probably letting on – but that’s the parts that are officially up and running.


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