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The rules of ‘play’ and hi!

The rules of ‘play’ and hi!

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I thought I’d make a quick post about how the site works, and the ‘rules’ of play.

We’re here to share the best writers with a hungry audience that wants guest bloggers, so if you’re looking for people YOU can post too.  Guest-Bloggers isn’t just about advertising bloggers, it’s about offering a venue for newsletters, zines and blogs to share their needs.  We hope that people will match up on here – in fact that would be SO cool, but mainly we want to raise the unsung heroes that are Guest-Bloggers to the heights they deserve.

But – just to be clear – this site doesn’t guarantee anything – and a lot of the time, when we’ve guest blogged, we haven’t been paid, so that’s not a criteria for being listed.  We DO NOT offer redress if you’re not paid – in fact, we say ‘caveat emptorium’ and agree with the definition in Needful Things by Stephen King – you know, pig, poke, yours.

WE DO NOT list blogging ‘jobs’ – guest blogging is an entirely different beast, writing wise and would ask that people respect this when submitting listings, either by contact form or registering and posting yourself.

Podcasts and blogs

I have a lot of friends that podcast – so if you’re interested in being booked for a talk show please be aware that they book far further in advance than MOST blogs, so read our advice about diversifying before applying for podcasts solely.

Podcasts, blogs, newsletters and zines are welcome to list themselves here with their criteria.  Be aware that we need an image with your post, or the template breaks.

Bloggers are welcome to ‘feature’ themselves once a fortnight on our blog to keep their profile nice and high for guest blogging.  Again, be aware that we need an image – preferably of you or your blog logo.

Please see our T&C’s for more information.

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