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Good Charlotte, Foo Fighters, Beatles Rockband, Dune, Chasm City, and a gorgeous scarf

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Good Charlotte, Foo Fighters, Beatles Rockband, Dune, Chasm City, and a gorgeous scarf

Jan 8, 2010 | content | 1 comment

through a glass, feathered
Image by Robert in Toronto via Flickr

I haven’t read much lately, that isn’t blog stuff – I might see what I’m reading by bookmarking it in, but that involves a lifestream somewhere….woo.

I’m currently listening to Chasm City (at night, cause my iPhone isn’t playing nice with any of the libraries at the moment – or more accurately, my laptop is off on repairs, and the laptop I’ve borrowed isn’t comfortable talking to Lexicon, our NSD.  So it’s only ever at night, when we’re falling asleep – but Chasm City, by Alistair Reynolds is about my favorite sci fi book of all time.

I’m also currently (slowly) playing my way through Beatles Rockband – which, I’m really annoyed about too – gorgeous backgrounds which you cannot watch unless you’re singing (and know the song backwards).  Maybe it’s just me but if I get distracted by the video I’m just blown away.

Music wise, I’m on angry rock and borderline punk – Foo Fighters (Pretender – from Patience, Echos and Grace), Placebo’s cover of Running up that Hill (because I’ve been really -REALLY let down by people I thought I could rely on lately), Good Charlotte’s ‘The River’.  Pluss some Gorillaz, My Sharona, Tribute (Tenacious D), and some other tracks via Rockband.

And finally, I started making a scarf this week – because I think I really need to take time out to just be me – and away from my writing.  So I’m making  a pattern called ‘Tudor Grace‘ with some of my 2 ply lace wool that I picked up at the Ravelry event in Coventry at the beginning of last Summer.  Photos will follow.

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