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Month: January 2010

Good Charlotte, Foo Fighters, Beatles Rockband, Dune, Chasm City, and a gorgeous scarf

Image by Robert in Toronto via Flickr I haven’t read much lately, that isn’t blog stuff – I might see what I’m reading by bookmarking it in, but that involves a lifestream somewhere….woo. I’m currently listening to Chasm City (at night, cause my iPhone isn’t playing nice with any of the libraries at the moment – or more accurately, my laptop is off on repairs, and the laptop I’ve borrowed isn’t comfortable talking to Lexicon, our NSD.  So it’s only ever at night, when we’re falling asleep – but Chasm City, by Alistair Reynolds is about my favorite sci…

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Watching, reading, listening, singing, making

(this is the introduction post to the whole category, so this should give you a bit of background on when, why and how I fit stuff in). I’m not a big tv or movie watcher – I don’t know if it’s simply because I get bored very easily, or I can’t leave my phone/PDA/laptop/paper/partner/knitting alone long enough to watch much – but I do have a couple of things I really enjoy, and have recently discovered the joys of TV on demand, with Virgin Media (our new ISP/TV and phone provider).  So I thought I’d record what I’m listening to…

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Free download – project cover sheet

Image by mattymatt via Flickr I’ve got these deadlines in my calendar for writing short stories, based on the duotrope theme calendar.  But my main problem is I have to do three or four of em in a month, or at least attempt an idea at them – I could postpone submitting till March and roll up to it slowly, but it’s easier, in most cases, for me simply to jump in both feet. So I designed a deceptively simple cover sheet for my projects – it’s got space to track the idea, or outline, the title, the link, notes,…

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Demon days, dog days

I’ve been spending the last week or so trying to work out where I’m going to with my career – it’s easy, I guess for people to say that they have goals, but when you’ve drifted in a no mans land between goalless and unable to fulfil goals because everything else (and I mean *everything* – we’re talking things as simple as being head injured and not being able to focus, down to giving up everything I held dear because my freinds and family needed me there and then, and walking away at *that* specific point would leave me unable…

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