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WOOOOHOOO!  We Launched!

WOOOOHOOO! We Launched!

Well, here it is.  I can’t believe we’ve launched, finally. In the next few days I’ll explain why this is so important to me – why it’s sparked my passion, and what I’m thinking about doing with the site – plus information about the books I’m planning and more.  Basically though, I’m here to ‘serve’ More >

Are you as excited as I am?

Are you as excited as I am?

The Eagle Nebula (M16): Peering Into the Pilla...

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If I were the type of person that actually went for it, I’d be building so much hype RIGHT now.

Instead, I’m curious.
I launch a new project on Monday.  I’ve been talking about it all week on Facebook, and I’m so excited right now.  Seriously, bouncy excited.

I’ve got posts ready – I’ve got ideas that I want to share that could potentially change the way we all use language.
There’s a new  category coming on this blog too – so the best information will show up here, but I hope you’ll visit with me.

See you Monday!

Kai’s Nanowrimo 2009

Kai’s Nanowrimo 2009

Final Wordcount (verified) 117,456.

Final (actual) wordcount – 122,200


Changes – 37,895
Values – 25,909
Glass Block –  44,200
Untitled new scifi (from no series I’ve ever talked about) –  14190

Cordate leaf (Cyclamen).

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Those last 14,000 words were basically the rough outline of a project that I’m now building in my snowflake method software, because I’m finally at the point where this is my last ‘free’ day for several weeks.  Not because I neglected anything else, but because I’m basically looking at needing to deal with several important projects over the next month or so.  And then we have Yule/x-Mas, and Uni and a dozen other things to look at.   It’s all very secret and hush hush, but one launches on the 6th – and you don’t need to go anywhere to keep up with the salient parts.

But that’s my Nanowrimo this year.

My experiences

The Nanowrimo this year was an odd experience.   I enjoyed it, but instead of being happy, and working down with my happiness, and slowly whittling into that store of happiness to fuel the run.  This year I started low and have ended up with a refilled well for my writing.  It’s just a pity, right now, that I can’t work on the things that I’ve got planned.  I’ve got plenty of editing and solid starts for some great books though.  I hope everyone else’s Nano went well.

Where now?

This blog started talking about the Nanowrimo – but from here, it’s going to slowly start picking up everything I write, and talk about.  I’m really looking forward to introducing everyone to the rest of my world 🙂  Anyone got requests?

I wrote a Novel, now what?

I wrote a Novel, now what?

15446_187277182310_640687310_2785152_4967170_nThere’s a page that shows up in about a day on the Nanowrimo, that says ‘I wrote a novel, now what’.  I’d suggest checking that one out in conjunction with this one, because this is my personal process for the next 11 months.
In 10 months time, I start planning my next Nanowrimo – I’ll have graduated and will hopefully either be in a position to write full time, or write part time, work out of the house part time, or possibly working full time, back to writing as a hobby.  I’m not entirely sure what the next ten months hold for me, but I do know that in March, I’m editing my three Nanowrimo novels from this year.
And in July, I’m doing something special.  It’s actually a year round project, but is specifically geared up to be ‘done’ along with other people in July.  So, I’m delighted to announce that on January 1st, we launch the National Novel Query month site!  We’ll be running in July, with year round posts, tips, tricks, prep work.  So, we hope you’ll join us.