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  1. Yup. I had... Other stuff also happen that I try not to talk about- mostly I like to be clear…


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Are you as excited as I am?

Dec 5, 2009 | Announcements, The Art of...., Writing | 1 comment

The Eagle Nebula (M16): Peering Into the Pilla...

Image by Smithsonian Institution via Flickr

If I were the type of person that actually went for it, I’d be building so much hype RIGHT now.

Instead, I’m curious.
I launch a new project on Monday.  I’ve been talking about it all week on Facebook, and I’m so excited right now.  Seriously, bouncy excited.

I’ve got posts ready – I’ve got ideas that I want to share that could potentially change the way we all use language.
There’s a new  category coming on this blog too – so the best information will show up here, but I hope you’ll visit with me.

See you Monday!

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P is for Psychosis #realmentalhealth #mondayblogs #nomorestigma

This is one of my harder blog posts to write, because though I talk – a lot – about the impact my mental health has on my day to day life, and has done for a while, I’m pretty sure that this is the bit no one really understands, causes the most…misunderstanding and I hope, because I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, they can’t relate to. If you didn’t know that psychosis was a feature of my mental health diagnosis, or didn’t understand if you’d heard it mentioned before now, please…don’t start changing your opinion of me. That’s the biggest reason those of us with serious mental health issues aren’t as open as society needs. Because we lose people.