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Still no movement – Nanowrimo day 10

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Still no movement – Nanowrimo day 10

Nov 6, 2009 | Nanowrimo, Writing | 0 comments

The writer, the written and the writing tool

Image by Ravages via Flickr

I know, no updates  – mainly because I spent the last few days  questioning whether I even wanted to be writing any more and caring for my partner, who is sick.  And I don’t mean manflu sick, I mean genuinely, didn’t even get up to go to work SICK.

Spent yesterday and today in our virtual write-in chatrooms, supporting other Nanoers and encouraging people to write as best I could, while simultaniously failing my inspiration check.  I’ve hit the dreaded brick wall of ‘I’m writing this under my soon to be married name, andthis doesn’t cast a good light on any relationship that is being written about in any way shape or form’.  And I know the people that know me *know, instinctively* that my partner and I are the best thing to have ever happened to one another on some levels (or at least, he’s the best thing to happen to me), there are people out there that do little more than question, and insinuate.  And writing about a couple that’s looking for every excuse to get pregnant (on her side) and every excuse not to (on his side) may hit a bit closer to home than some of these people may like, and that makes it harder for me to write anything.

I’ve always been way more into worrying about what people think, though I do also tell people that the story and the writer *can be* completely separate.  So there’s a post coming on that when I get more than a couple of seconds to breathe.


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