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Nano Day 4 – meets, greets, beats

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Nano Day 4 – meets, greets, beats

Nov 4, 2009 | Writing, Nanowrimo, Novels | 1 comment

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This morning was our first ‘all day coffee meet’ for the Nanowrimo – I met up with a group of my fellow regional participants and hung out.  It was a good turn out – and I talked plot and wrote and drank way more coffee than I should have and worked through lots of ‘problems’ in my head with my story.

One of the most important things about the Nanowrimo ML meets is that ML’s have to present themselves as up beat, positive and are always ‘on’ for the whole of the Nanowrimo.  And I’ve been told that people find that very disconcerting – even when we talk publically about struggling with our writing (which is a first for me this year), apparently, I’m a very scary woman to finally meet.  So I like to run meets, and make sure that people get the best out of introducing themselves to one another – and so they can see I’m just a regular person myself.

The coffee meet went well, which was great – the biggest problem I have right now is my other half is sick and we’re sorting out a huge thing for our family, so my mind isn’t entirely on the Nanowrimo, and while it’s true that I’m using most of the Nano work for my Uni hand-ins this year, I’m not entirely certain that I’m going to juggle everything effectively at this rate.  Tomorrow I’m taking the morning off the Nanowrimo to do my ‘weapon’s carrying’ paper for Psychology.

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