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Today’s random elements (day 2, Nanowrimo)

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Today’s random elements (day 2, Nanowrimo)

Nov 2, 2009 | Nanowrimo, Novels, Writing | 3 comments

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Image by Indy Kethdy via Flickr

Random elements is something I’m going to try and include in every novel this year round, within reason.  I’m not going to have pink rabbits romping through a scene with Elliot for a start, but I think, given I’m interested in symbolism and Linguistics, that this is a good challenge.
If you think about it – what’s the hardest thing to include in a story – something that patently shouldn’t be there – so the only way to blend that away is to find a way to include the element contextually.  Why yes, I do feel very self concious saying stupid things, thanks for asking 😉
I’ve had:

Audience (From Molly S) –  A freak Snowstorm in July(from JC), and from my beloved I got – A datacentre on fire/A penguin from Edinburgh Zoo.


  1. Rachel

    Random elements are tricky – especially if you only want to introduce one and write the rest of your novel as a serious, plausible work of art.

    For ideas I’d recommend reading anything post modern like Flann O’Brien’s At Swim Two Birds or James Joyce’s Ulysses – two crazy books brimming with ideas!

    Having said that, visiting a zoo and seeing penguins is always fun 😉

    Looking forward to the updates!

    • Kai

      LOL…Introducing one a day – and none of them are works of art till they’ve been edited 😉



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